UnRPMOpenOffice : Unpack OpenOffice.Org's tar.gz/rpm files


This tar.gz includes a script which will take an OpenOffice.org distribution tar.gz file and unpack it, then unpack each rpm contained within it, and finally repackage the whole thing as a tar.gz file named OOo.tar.gz.

Usage Steps:

  1. Download OpenOffice.org for Linux

  2. Get unrpm-OpenOffice.org2.0.tgz

  3. Place both tar.gz files in the same directory
  4. Run the following commands:
    •    tar -zxf unrpm-OpenOffice.org2.0.tar.gz
         cd unrpm
  5. Copy the resulting tar file (OOo.tar.gz) to your destination directory for your OpenOffice.org installation

  6. Run the following command from the destination directory:
    •    tar -zxf OOo.tar.gz
    • This will produce 2 directories opt/ and desktop-integration/

My post on OpenOffice.org's forums linking to here


Feel free to add your comments on how this worked for you and enhancements to make OOo installation easier.

  • Thanks,
    • -- Lesh

Hi. Congratulations on your work. The shell script has, of course, been renamed to unrpm.sh Line 5, in my case, had to be altered from cd OO*/RPMS to cd ./RPMS After that, it worked superlatively, although I have yet to unwrap the resulting tarball. My thinking is that the script should be used after the rpm tgz has been unpacked and the user entered the resulting directory. Thank you for making this available. Regards, noranthon

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